Pressure Washing

Paved surfaces and siding can build up dirt and mold which makes it look dull and dirty. Pressure washing is the best way to remove this unsightly buildup in a timely manner. Pressure washing is limited to warmer months and requires an outdoor water spigot.

Hedge Trimming

Shrubs are best trimmed in the early summer months. Trimming can usually only remove new growth to maintain size, as it is very difficult to make shrubs smaller without exposing bare branches. In extreme situations shrubs can be trimmed any time of year.

Seasonal Clean-ups

During the spring we offer spring clean-ups which consists of cleaning up any branches, leaves and sweet gum tree seed pods and placing them curbside for pickup. In the fall we offer a leaf clean-up service where all leaves are placed at curb for township pickup or hauled away at an additional expense.


Lawn seeding is broken down into two categories; spot/over seeding and new seeding. Spot and over seeding can be done in spring and fall, where new seeding is best done in fall. When seeding we:

  • Rototill or aerate and dethatch soil
  • Apply fertilizer to feed seed and lime to balance Ph
  • Lay soil amendment  to make for prime growing conditions
  • Finally apply seed which takes two to three weeks to grow

Planting services are offered from April 1st to July 5th and again from August 15th through November 20th, depending on soil and air temperatures. To ensure healthy plant growth we fertilize all plants and add soil amendment when we install shrubs and perennials.


Mulching is best done in early spring, prior to installation of annual flowers. In addition of mulch our service includes edging of beds and application of a pre-emergent weed preventing herbicide. Our rates are as follows:

  • Black Mulch: $85 per yard
  • Brown Mulch: $75 per yard
  • Red Mulch: $85 per yard

(One yard of mulch covers 100 square feet)

Snow Plowing & Blowing

Whether its a sidewalk or a ten car driveway, Woody's Lawn & Landscape can handle it all. We offer a snow removal service that includes:

  • Clearing snow from driveway, sidewalks and one porch
  • Spreading salt to prevent refreezing of surfaces

Note: To ensure timely service, only 250 contracts are taken each year. Sign up begins April 15th.

Lawn Care

Woody's Lawn & Landscape provides a weekly or bi-weekly lawn care service. Our service includes:

  • Mowing of lawn
  • Edging along all beds and paved surfaces
  • Trimming around any obstacles
  • Cleaning of clippings off all paved surfaces